a new beginning


i still cant believe i had my name written on it. i was one of them.

i actually never expected i would made it this far. but only this far.

apparantly the saying that goes ‘by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’ is spot on. i fail to prepare all the requirements to get myself officially permitted to study by the office. yeah of course i could blame all those bureaucracy for having too many restrictions. i could blame the human resources development for being too strict. i could blame the university for their long delay in getting back my email. or i could blame all the available ETS partners for being unavailable for the test. or i could take a look at my self and realized that i procrastinate.

i just got back from kominfo’s office and they stated that since my office wont give me any permission on my scholarship, they wouldnt be able to continue giving me my scholarship.


then everything is moving in my head. the hassle of preparing the required documents, the supportive people around me, the endless ‘open in new tab’ looking for the right university…

yeah. maybe this isnt the right time. this isnt the end. its just the end of my prequel story.

they told me that God is preparing me for the best thing at the right time. Amen to that.